What We Do

Planning and Wealth Management Services

Financial Planning

Integrated financial planning involves identifying near and long-term goals and developing a strategy that systematically identifies the path and probability of obtaining your objectives. Recommendations and strategies are made only after a thorough examination and evaluation of your financial situation measured against your goals and takes into consideration all the interrelated areas of planning.

Investment Management

DWR’s investment strategies are sound, efficient, and well defined. Our approach is based on long-term returns and capital preservation to meet your specific needs and best fits your objectives and risk tolerance.

We are investment advisers, utilizing a disciplined investment management approach that encompasses strategic allocation of diversified investments among a variety of asset classes. We seek to add value through diversified asset allocation and carefully selected investment managers.

Retirement Planning

Sophisticated and thoughtful retirement planning requires obtaining in-depth information regarding your current financial situation. Information needed includes tax returns, investment accounts including both taxable and tax-deferred, and information about accrued social security benefits and pensions.  After thorough analysis and discussion regarding your timing and goals in retirement, projections are created with several retirement scenarios and outcomes for consideration.

Estate Planning and Charitable Planning

Determining how you want your wealth distributed can be a challenging and daunting process. We assist you and your legal advisor in preparing a well thought out and intentional estate plan, including managing multi-generational client relationships. We bring in outside experts such as estate planning attorneys and tax professionals when needed.

As part of the estate planning element, charitable giving can be an effective strategy to consider. We can present several options and strategies such as Charitable Remainder Trusts and Donor Advised Funds to accomplish your charitable giving goals.

Education Funding

One of the most important financial goals for parents is providing the requisite funds for their children’s education. Unfortunately, it is also an increasing large financial commitment and developing a well thought out plan is paramount. Developing a plan begins with establishing goals and involves gathering tuition information and analyzing whether a lump sum or annual funding makes sense. There are several options to explore for a well thought out college funding plan.

Company Retirement Plans

Your company is unique and your specific strategy for executive and employee benefits make your retirement plan unique as well.  We help you build a retirement plan designed to maximize value for both employer and employees alike. Our expertise will help you maximize saving opportunities and discover pre-tax and post-tax advantages as well. Whether you are starting a new plan or have an established program already, we have the expertise and resources to support your retirement plan needs.