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About Us

We expect to build a trusted advisory relationship with all our clients.

The key to a successful financial goal is to integrate all aspects of the planning spectrum, such as investment management, tax, retirement, estate and charitable planning into a well thought out comprehensive and coordinated plan. By integrating the complete process and making decisions based on the entire array of information, we can provide a coherent and well thought out plan.

Our team helps create a trusted and advisory relationship with clients. We work closely with clients to understand their goals. Then to create a strategy that helps achieve those goals. We review and make changes to the plan as deemed necessary.

As an independent fee-based investment advisor, we seek to add value, through a fully thought out investment plan, utilizing non-commissioned investment products. We are trusted and transparent advisors.

DWR Wealth Management LLC is a registered investment advisor with the California Department of Corporations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients identify their financial goals. Then we advise the client on management and coordination of their assets to achieve this goal. As a trusted partner, we assist clients in navigating their financial challenges and help them make the decisions that ultimately achieve both short and long term goals.

Our Story

DWR Wealth Management was started in 2005 with the goal of building a team of experts to help clients achieve their financial goals. Our team has provided investment management and financial planning services, primarily to clients of Dunham Associates CPAs. Those clients include successful business professionals both from small business and corporate entities. The firm was created to fill a need, expressed clients of Dunham & Associates CPAs to provide unbiased and objective advice that could only be offered through a fee-based business model. Recently, we have expanded our client base beyond those of Dunham Associates CPAs and work with individuals from a wide spectrum of referral source.

Traditionally, the financial services industry offers investment products through a commissioned based sales channel. Our vision was to create a firm that offered independent investment and financial planning advice that is transparent and impartial by the inherent conflicts offered by the traditional commissioned based firms. As fee only advisors, the client’s interest is at the fore front and not driven by a potential product sales commission.

The company was formed as a Registered Investment Adviser Company with the state of California, which allows us to take on a fiduciary role with our clients. This allows for an enhanced client relationship and incorporates a strategy inclusive of both a tax perspective and investment point of view. This approach provides the client a well thought out plan for achieving both short and long term goals.

Today, we have expanded our services to include providing and managing company retirement plans, both defined contribution and benefit plans. Looking forward, DWR Wealth Management is committed to strategically growing the firm by enhancing our services by incorporating cutting edge technology and enhanced financial strategies, while incorporating the highest level of professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is A Fee-Only Advisor?
A Fee-Only advisor as one who, in all circumstances, is compensated solely by the client, with neither the advisor nor any related party receiving compensation that is contingent on the purchase or sale of a financial product. An investment advisor may not receive commissions, rebates, awards, finder’s fees, bonuses or any form of compensation from others as a result of a client’s implementation of the individual’s planning recommendations.
Why is Fee-Only Compensation of Critical Importance?
An investment advisor who has a financial stake in the course of action that he/she recommends to a client faces an inherent conflict of interest and cannot be considered objective and unbiased. This is true even if the advisor truly believes that he/she has only the best interests of the client at heart. Unfortunately, the vast majority of investment/financial advisors in the United States are sellers of financial products. Some or all of their income may be dependent upon their ability to steer their clients to a limited number of the thousands of financial products available today. (Putting aside the conflict-of-interest factor, this limiting of choices, in and of itself, often is enough to impact the quality of the investment advice.) These advisors include stock-brokers, analysts, insurance agents, accountants and attorneys, as well as financial planners. Many of their clients are not aware of their advisors’ dependence on selling products, or do not recognize its significance.
What Is the Significance of the term Registered Financial Advisor?
It indicates that a financial planner adheres to the industry’s most demanding practice requirements, including Fee-Only compensation, and meets rigorous standards. We believe that, through our Registered Financial Advisor program, we become team players with our clients and offer a level of responsibility and care that must be exercised on behalf of each client.